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About me

I was born in Cape Town into a previously disadvantaged background within the SA history. I never really knew what apartheid was until age 11 when my teacher asked me about it. You see been fair skinned & living in a “white” neighborhood blinded me to race & classifications. My mother refused to move when the group areas offered her accommodation in Manenberg & so I was exposed to a rather cosmopolitan neighborhood with a strong mother as my role model. I married in December 1993 & a year later we toured the Garden Route to Port Elizabeth , en route back on January 3rd, 1995 we were involved in a motor vehicle accident which left me a wheelchair user. My vertebrae had dislocated at c6/7 leaving me a quadriplegic. I make use of a motorized wheelchair as it gives me the independence I love. As far as challenges go, there are many.

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I’ve worked in corporate for over 35 yrs & retired in 2013. I started my business venture in 2010 & with much perseverance I am still operating. I am one of very few companies specialising in wheelchair accessible tours & transfers. My late husband always said “I’ll never let you live the life of a disabled person.” Today I am proud to say I have played & continue to play a vital role to ensure an awareness & willingness to make our City & the surrounds as wheelchair accessible as possible. I enjoy motivating fellow wheelchair users to look beyond their limitations & live their dreams.